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#1 2005-12-05 09:38:12

John Roff
From: South Africa
Registered: 2005-10-21
Posts: 50

What tools do I need?

Hi folks, especially makers of ji-nashi flutes.

I've been making very simple flutes for a while, but as I get more serious and start to work the bores, I am finding that my equipment needs improving. What are the most effective basic tools that will help me get to the heart of the bore work?

At the moment I use bits of steel rod with variously shaped ends, with which I rather roughly bash away the nodes.

I'm sure there are special tools, which are probably out of my price range, but I'm also sure that most of you started out like me, and improvised.

Ken, I've looked at the list on the pages you posted, and I have most of that equipment - are there any other simple tools that you'd recommend? I have the feeling that there may be some simple tricks that you know which could save me a lot of time. Then again, perhaps the time spent is part of the necessarily long introduction to this art...

Looking forward to replies.


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#2 2005-12-05 12:12:42

From: San Francisco
Registered: 2005-10-05
Posts: 885

Re: What tools do I need?

Hi John,

Here are some tools that have worked for me.

An assortment of coarse rasps attached to long rods can be very helpful for working the bore. A round rasp tip of approximately 13 mm width by 50 mm to 100 mm length works well for most of the bore. A much thinner rasp is better for working the root end area of the bore. I believe Mejiro carries some of these. I would imagine you could find these online at other tool supply companies as well. Some local hardware stores carry similar rasps.

For finer bore work, dremel sanding drums work well. Attach a 1/2" coarse drum to a long rod and use it with a drill to open small areas in the bore. Or, rap sandpaper around a rod and sand by hand or with a drill. There are many possibilities for task specific inventions here. You can also make slightly tapered drums for precision bore work or buy them from Mejiro.

I hope this helps.




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