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Ch'an Contemplation

"A practiser should keep under control all his six-sense organs and take good care of this hua t'ou [inward pointing statement] by looking into where a thought usually arises, until he perceives his pure self-nature, free from all thoughts. This continuous, close, quiet and indifferent investigation will lead to a still and shining* contemplation (the outcome of which will be)the outright non-existence of the five constituent elements of being (shandas) and the wiping out of both body and mind, without the least thing being left behind. Thereafter, this absolute immutability (should be maintained) in every state, while walking, standing, sitting and lying by day or night. As time goes on, this achievement will be brought to perfection, resulting in the perception of self-nature and the attainment of Buddhahood, with the elimination of all distress and suffering."

* The essence of mind is still and its function is shining.

From: "Ch'an and Zen Teaching, Volume 1" by Lu K'uan Yś (Charles Luk).



"As God once said, and I think rightly..." (Margaret Thatcher)



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