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#1 2006-02-12 09:14:22

Tairaku 太楽
From: Tasmania
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Teachers in Japan

If you are a teacher in Japan please post here.

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#2 2006-02-12 21:40:10

Daniel Ryudo
Shihan/Kinko Ryu
From: Kochi, Japan
Registered: 2006-02-12
Posts: 355

Re: Teachers in Japan

Hello fellow shakuhachi players.  I've been playing the shakuhachi since 1987 in Kochi, Japan with the Kochi branch of Kinko Ryu's Chikudosha (literally "bamboo child group"), which is based in the Kanto (Tokyo) area.  Most of my training has been under Ikezoe Kyodo, a Kochi shakuhachi master who has studied under Chikudosha's iemoto Fuji Jido sensei for over thirty years.  My sensei Kyodo also practiced the gaikyoku repertoire for a decade with Yagi Keiji, a grandmaster (and superb player) of shamisen and koto.  I received my junshihan license and the shakuhachi name Hotei in 1994 and my shihan license and the name Ryudo in 2001 after studying the Kinko repertoire of gaikyoku and honkyoku pieces (a study not in any way complete!)    I've also attended shakuhachi workshops yearly in Bisei-cho, Okayama prefecture with Yokoyama Katsuya's Kenshukan since 1999, learning the dokyoku pieces with Yokoyama Katsuya, and his leading deshi (and masters of shakuhachi): Furuya, Kakezakai, and Matama senseis, and have taken part in the world shakuhachi festivals in Bisei-cho, Okayama (1994), Boulder, Colorado (1998), Tokyo, Japan (2002), and New York (2004).
I'm new to teaching shakuhachi, though I've assisted my sensei from time to time over the last decade, and it's only been since 2001 that I've begun teaching my own group of students in Kochi.  I've had  more experience playing the shakuhachi for an audience over the last decade and a half -- with koto/shamisen, acoustic trio (nine years), rock band (two years), and playing for weddings, hotel openings and other events --  than with teaching but I'm enjoying the new role of attempting to teach the shakuhachi; its a good learning experience for me in terms of trying to figure out how to teach each individual since everyone learns a bit differently, not to mention helping to improve my own understanding of the pieces.  One of the most enjoyable things about teaching and playing the shakuhachi is that it's a never ending learning process.   Happy Blowing,   
Daniel Ryudo Ribble

P.S.     For those who are not familiar with Kochi, Kochi city is the capital of and the largest city(about 300,000 population) in Kochi Prefecture, a predominantly sunny region on the Pacific side of Shikoku, the smallest of the four main islands of Japan (and the least visited by foreign tourists).  My phone and fax contact here is 81 (0)88- 880-2289.  I don't have my own web site yet...  Thanks very much to Tairaku for allowing me the use of this space.

Selected Concert Performances

1993 - "Aki No Koto No Ha" with koto grandmaster Yagi Keiji; Kanai Hall, Yokohama, Japan

1994 -  Ichiro Seki's "Pentagonia," as a member of the shakuhachi orchestra, the 1st International Shakuhachi Festival, Bisei-cho, Okayama.

1996 - Honkyoku duet "Ginrukyoku" with Australian shakuhachi grandmaster Riley Lee; Kochi Art Museum Concert Hall, Kochi

1998 - solo "Yuki," with Kochi Sankyoku Kyokai koto/shamisen players , Funiai Center Concert Hall, Noichi, Kochi prefecture.

1999 - "Shichikucho," "Sanya Sugagaki," as a member of ensemble performance with Kinko ryu's Chikudosha and the Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra of Shanghai, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai, China.

2000 - solo "Shika No Tone" (with Balinese dance), Augustinus Student Society House, University of Leiden, Holland
"Kumoijishi," All Saint's Church, Marlow, England

2002 - Anne Norman's "Heatwave," as a member of shakuhachi orchestra,
3rd Australian Shakuhachi Festival, Melbourne, Australia   
shakuhachi duets "Suzuka," "Tamuke" with Kochi shakuhachi player Jun Mori; Narrabundah College, Canberra, Australia.
"Fuyu No Kyoku" (with Kochi SKK koto/shamisen), Kochi's Cal-Port  Hall.

2003 - "Shika No Tone" duet with Australian shakuhachi master Andrew Macgregor, Kochi Bijitsuzan (Art Museum) Concert Hall
"Kaji Makura" with Ikezoe Kyodo and Kochi's Tojukai, National Theatre of Japan, Tokyo.
"Kokiriko," with South American folklore group Wayno, Cal-Port Hall, Kochi.

2004 - "Haru No Umi" with Ayane Kadota (koto) at Eigen Zen temple, Nangoku City, Kochi prefecture
James Nyoraku Schlefer's "The Big Piece," as a member of shakuhachi orchestra, New York Shakuhachi Festival, New York
"Rokudan No Shirabe" with Ginevra House (koto), Chiiori House, Iya Valley, Tokushima prefecture, Shikoku

2005 -
Jan - "Taki Otoshi," "Hifumi Hachigaeshi," for Kochi Urasenke's first tea ceremony of the year, Joseikan Hall, Kochi.
June - solo "Banshiki-cho" and original "Kunimiyama Djembe Blues" with djembe player Hiyori Okubo for Kochi NHK TV program Tosa Joho Ichi 
Nov - "Yugao," "Kesshi No Hana" with Kochi's Yamamoto Kai, dokyoku "Yamagoe" at Chikurinji (Shingon Buddhist temple), Kochi

2006 -
Feb - "Chidori No Kyoku," "Sode Koro" with Teiko Maeda (koto, shamisen), Ito Asobi No Kai, San Suien Hotel, Kochi
July - "Shika No Tone," open mike concert, University of London's Shakuhachi Summer School
August - "Summertime" and "Blues for Aida," guest with Eiji Yoshikawa Jazz Trio, Mokuba Jazz Club, Kochi City
September - guest with The Fujii, original folk blues; National steel guitar and shakuhachi, Nakagawamura Sound Hall, Nakagawa Village, Nagano prefecture
November -with the rock band Prince Rupert's Metal at Club Fuse, Kitakyushu, along with Chris Carmen (electric bass), Gerry Marchisseau (electric guitar), and Ohira Keito (drums)
"Sekibetsu No Mai," shinkyoku duet with Haruko Watanabe (koto), at Kochi's Art Museum Concert Hall

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#3 2006-02-13 05:10:48

Jeff Cairns
teacher, performer,promoter of shakuhachi
From: Kumamoto, Japan
Registered: 2005-10-10
Posts: 517

Re: Teachers in Japan

Greetings All,
I've been studying Kinko Ryu shakuhachi in Kumamoto, Japan under Tsurugi Kodo since 1987.  I recieved my junshihan license and the performance name Housho in 1993.  After a great deal of performance in both classical, and modern collaborative settings largely in Kyushu, and after releasing my first CD album in 1997, I began gathering students in 2000.  I recieved my shihan license in 2005 with the name Shoudo.  At the same time, my first student was awarded his junshihan license and performance name.  I have four other students that have been with me for 5 years.
To all and any coming to or passing through Kumamoto, I welcome you.
Jeffrey Shoudo Cairns

shakuhachi flute
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#4 2006-06-17 01:26:26

evan kubota
Registered: 2006-04-10
Posts: 136

Re: Teachers in Japan

I'm going to be in Tatsuno (near Himeji) this winter for a week or two. Are there any teachers or forum members in the area, maybe who can teach in English (although not essential)?



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