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#26 2008-08-26 20:28:53

Jeff Cairns
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Re: How long for Ro Buki?

I might also add that to practice atari in your regime is a good thing.  I have my students do this by running through a kari scale from otsu ro all the way up to yon no ha and back down to otsu ro. Four ataris are played on each note, however in most cases the first atari is executed on the previous note as a leading note like this:  ro, ro, ro, ro, ro-tsu, tsu, tsu, tsu, tsu-re, re, re, re ,  etc.  In the cases of couplets, the first or leading note gets the atari both ascending and descending.
Of course some styles of playing don't embellish notes much with ataris, however I think it's a good practice for promoting muscle memory and quickness of finger movement.

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#27 2008-08-27 20:12:12

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Re: How long for Ro Buki?

The ingestion of boilermakers is also quite beneficial...

Only for the initiated.  For anyone else, bourbon and ginger is fine.  No sense in filling the bore with vomit.

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