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Tube of delight!

#1 2006-03-16 23:20:08

Moran from Planet X
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Speaking of Shakuhachi VHS tapes and DVDs ...

As we were discussing the Yokoyama VHS tapes on this forum at

If you haven't seen the following dvds, you really should. Actually seeing (as well as hearing) shakuhachi played well is priceless and each of these dvds is about or under $30 (depending on shipping and tax where applicable):


Concert DVD #3 - Traditional Concert - Gaikyhoku and Honkyoku
($26 not including shipping or appl. tax)
Concert DVD #5 - Modern Concert ($26 not including shipping or appl. tax)
Concert DVD #6 - Honkyoku Concert ($30 not including shipping or appl. tax)

Most readily available from Monty Levenson at


Shakuhachi Master Riley Lee in Concert - San Francisco, June 2003 ($25 which includes shipping in the USA)

from The International Shakuhachi Society at

(Disclaimer: I'm not a big shakuhachi expert nor am I compensated in any way shape or form for my modest endorsements of these GREAT, FABULOUS, ASTOUNDING videos.)

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