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Tube of delight!

#1 2005-10-16 22:02:39

From: Toyooka Mura, Nagano Ken, Jap.
Registered: 2005-10-15
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Hi Folks,
I have been half-heartedly studying Shakuhachi for 20 years, first with Iwamoto when he was teaching in Devon UK, then later with Yokoyama Sensei in Tokyo.  I am based in Southern Nagano Prefecture, first came to Japan in  '89, and have been living in Japan since '93.

My original reason for coming to Japan was to study Shakuhachi construction, I relegated this to hobby status after nearly five years of study with a generous and knowledgeable teacher, in order to concentrate on playing.  I have since relegated playing to hobby status in order to concentrate my energies on two small daughters and a full time job.

Hoping to organise myself well enough to get back into serious playing soon... If only for personal theraputic reasons.
That's always the hardest thing though eh!  Getting 'getting it together' together.

I anticipate mostly skulking on this list though I won't hesitate to chip in if I think I have anything to contribute to a specific debate.

My pet hates in the Shakuhachi world are 'Instant masters' (no experience necessary!  Just add obscene amounts of self confidence and enthusiasm), and 'self ordained master makers'...  The clueless happily leading the clueless.
I'm not saying that it must necessarily take decades to become a good teacher or maker, I recognise that there are exceptional people out there who can apply themselves with passion and can learn a great deal in a short time.  Not so many of 'em though!

Perhaps I am bitter with myself for not making the grade!




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