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#1 2009-03-02 20:39:49

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Exposure to urushi oil?

Hi all,

I just had my flute repaired and have tried desperately to keep questions and inquiries to a minimum to figure things out for myself and avoid becoming too big a nuisance but Ive run into a problem.

A day after I received the flute and replied that everything was in good shape (two rattan inlays/topical bindings and filler as a last measure because it opened a bit before being packed for return) the filler around the chin rest has cracked open just a bit, so I put it in an airtight box with a small bowl of water.

There were no drips in the bottom of the box and when I pulled it out to play tonight, I noticed it was very wet around the chin rest. I decided to play It for a bit and see if it would evaporate it did only problem is my finger-tips have hardened and everything is itchy. Could urushi oil have seeped out of the instrument because it was too humid and made a temporary stain or did I somehow get water on it and Im just getting some residue? Should I put a moist sponge in the box instead of a small bowl of water?




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