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#1 2009-06-16 20:25:38

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Shakuhachi and depression - Actual Research

Just wondering if anyone knows of any actual research/experience/information that might have been done/had regarding the Shakuhachi and condition known as 'depression' - I've read the thread here re mental therapy etc. All good, but I'm now after something more research-based. For my Diploma of Remedial Therapy I'll be giving a talk on 'Depression' as seen and treated from the Western perspective, and how it is treated from a complementary therapies perspective, but also possible new treatments from a complementary perspective. Some of you might have read my thoughts about this in a previous thread, I'm wanting to possibly expand upon this, as well as to see if there might be any other areas where the Shakuhachi (or the like) is/has been known to play a role in the treatment of this condition.

I'd be most appreciative if anyone has any clues/links/advice/direct experience/etc. I'm not looking for any lengthy forum discussion on this - although feel free of course to continue this thread - at this stage I'm after fairly solid stuff (and in my profession that doesn't necessarily just mean facts), websites, people, contacts, your own 'direct' experiences, and of course your thoughts are welcome (I'm just trying to minimise possible redundancy of what I'm trying to achieve).

I'm actually going to try to stay away from the traditional 'music therapy' discussion with regard to this as that one tends to be fairly generic. I'll be adding 'music therapy' to the general list anyway as it can of course play a part. If you can see where I'm trying to go with this - I'm not after "music is healing". Want specifics.

Thanks in advance

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