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#1 2009-07-20 09:44:26

Rick Riekert
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Komuso and “Shakuhachi-Zen”

For those with an historical bent there is an interesting article at written by German Buddhologist Max Deeg titled "Komuso and “Shakuhachi-Zen” ". Deeg explores 2 theses :

“First, flute playing mendicant monks of the early Edo period were integrated in the late Edo period into the existing system of the Zen denominations: During this process a line of legitimation had to be created which was connected with the specific feature of this new denomination, the playing of the shakuhachi. Simultaneously, there was a process of laicization, spiritualization and aesthetization of this distinguishing feature, the playing of the shakuhachi, which consisted of an amalgamation of virtuous musical practice and Zen-Buddhist conceptions of spirituality. This development occured during the 19th century, and intensified after the Meiji-restoration. Second, it was this line of interpretation of the tradition which prevailed after the abolishment of the Fuke-shu in certain circles playing the shakuhachi. It was this that, in turn, determined the Western
reception of classical Japanese music as a kind of spiritual practice.”

Mastery does not lay in the mastery of technique, but in penetrating the heart of the music. However, he who has not mastered the technique will not penetrate the heart of the music.
~ Hisamatsu Fûyô



#2 2009-07-20 11:06:10

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Re: Komuso and “Shakuhachi-Zen”

Thanks for the post Rick!



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