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Tube of delight!

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Octoberfest music

This is my contribution to Octoberfest: … ESTU2.html

It's Estuduantina waltz and was used for a famous Rhinegold beer ad campaign. It's one of the first songs I learned on silver flute way around 37 years ago, it was part of the sheet music for the movie "Song of Norway". This is the information on it that I found on the internet:

Theme: "Rheingold Beer Jingle (theme, based upon Estudiantina Waltz)"

    [aka: "Estudiantina Valse, Opus 191, No. 4 (The Students' Waltz)";

     The Beer jingle with a lyric by an unknown ad agent, used
     the melody of this famous light-classical waltz tune. The
     lyric was, "My beer is Rheingold the dry beer. Think of
     Rheingold whenever you buy beer. It's not bitter, not
     sweet, it's the extra dry treat -- Won't you try extra
     dry Rheingold beer?" The melody of this old European
     waltz tune was the memorable part used as the TV THEME...

     Ironic that this melody, which some may remember as the
     quintessential German Beer Hall tune (images of people with
     swaying cups all singing in unison) is actually of FRENCH,
     rather than German, origin; and was known as a French student
     song at first, then became famous as a piano duet, before
     it ever was heard in its now-familiar orchestral setting;

     The tune was composed by a pair of obscure French composers,
     but is often incorrectly attributed to the man who arranged
     it in a rollicking Strauss-like arrangement for two pianos --
     named Emile ("Emil") Waldteufel;

     Waldteufel included it in a set of tunes arranged for 2 pianos,
     published under his own opus number, which blurred the issue
     of authorship right down to the present day;

     Waldteufel's arrangement was later orchestrated, and it is in
     that form, that it is most well known to modern ears -- often
     played on pop symphony orchestra concerts.]

     Composers: music by Paul Lacome (1838 - 1920) [not affiliated]
                French lyric by J. de Lau Lusignan [not affiliated]

     2-piano Adapter/Arranger: Emile Charles ("Emil") Waldteufel
                                     (1837 - 1915) [not affiliated]

     Orig. Publisher: Enoch Frères et Costallat, Paris, France

     2001 Publishers: [in the Public Domain]

     Original French Copyright Date [by Lacome & de La Lusignan]:
                                                     Dec. 22, 1881

     2-piano French Copyright Date [by Waldteufel]: April 14, 1883

     Rheingold Jingle Copyright Date: [under investigation]
     Rheingold Jingle Renewal   Date: [under investigation]

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"Now birds record new harmonie, And trees do whistle melodies;
Now everything that nature breeds, Doth clad itself in pleasant weeds."
~ Thomas Watson - England's Helicon ca 1580



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