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Tube of delight!

#1 2009-10-22 01:41:50

From: Salt Lake City
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Adrian Freedman

I just ran across this player; never heard of him, but he's quite good.

His CD is 'Music on the Edge of Silence', and it's available at his website (some samples there, too): and on iTunes.

It has Honkyoku, a Fukuda piece, and some original pieces. He started with Clive Bell, studied with Yokoyama, now lives in Devon, UK and is a composer/teacher there, I believe.

And here's a YouTube video he did the music for: … r_embedded

Cat can play. The only cavil I have about his playing, which is technically excellent, is that he has a very efficient embouchure, and tends to
consistently hold out long tones overly long. Could use a bit more 'surprise' in his playing, I think, but he's damned good.

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#2 2009-10-22 07:52:00

From: Nashville, TN
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Re: Adrian Freedman

edosan wrote:

tends to
consistently hold out long tones overly long.

I listen to his cd in the car all the time. His 7 minute version of Honshirabe has totally changed the way I play the piece. Those overly long "LONG" tones are quite dynamic IMHO smile and yes, Adrian Freedman is a very good player!

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