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#1 2009-10-22 22:17:42

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HearJapan Shakuhachi Samples Plus Downloads

I found two Shakuhachi albums at HearJapan that sound really promising.

1) Yukihiro Goto and Akihito Obama - Michinone

Yukihiro plays the Shakuhachi, or a traditional Japanese flute while Akihito Obama plays the Biwa or a traditional Japanese guitar and the Shakuhachi. On this album the duo team up to produce an album that truly captures the essence of ancient Japan!

2) Satoshi Yoneya - Utagokoro

Being entrusted with providing the Shakuhachi tracks to famous Japanese folk singers like Kanazawa Akiko, the expert of the Japanese flute, the Shakuhachi, Satoshi Yoneya brings the world his Shakuhachi masterpiece album. This album brings some classic songs as well as may originals by the man himself. Some tracks lay bare with just Satoshi Yoneya playing, while others feature a bassist and drummer and are very jazzy. Shakuhachi JAZZ!

They also have a traditional Japanese section! … ;sort_by=1



#2 2009-10-23 21:54:16

Jeff Cairns
teacher, performer,promoter of shakuhachi
From: Kumamoto, Japan
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Re: HearJapan Shakuhachi Samples Plus Downloads

Hi Nathan,
Goto and Obama are friends of mine.  Goto-san is very active in Western Japan with his art.  He's interested in bringing the biwa down to the street level.  His plaintive, austere vocal style combined with his percussive biwa playing awakens images of the music of ancient streets.  Obama is a very talented, exuberant and thoughtful young shakuhachi player who I'm looking forward to work with in the near future.  By all means, I too recommend this CD.  Their rendition of the Lullaby Itsuki No Komoriuta is very interesting.

shakuhachi flute
I step out into the wind
with holes in my bones


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