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Tube of delight!

#1 2010-03-21 18:21:21

From: Minneapolis, MN
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Pitch shifting

My teacher gave me some practice recordings and I discovered when I tried to play along they were out of tune by almost a half step with my flute.  (It wasn't me, I verified it with my korg tuner.)  I found a free program called Audacity that allowed me to set up an edit "Chain" of commands to apply against a whole folder of files.  I was able to change the speed and export the files as MP3 for my MP3 player in no time.  I thought I'd share in case it was of use to anyone, technology really came through on this one.  If you down load Audacity be sure to get the "Beta" version it's the one that has the command chain feature.  Works great!  In theory you might even be able to use this to transpose recordings made on different length flutes as a learning aid to play a piece on a different size flute. Has anyone tried this?  What kind of success did you have?

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#2 2010-03-21 19:53:14

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Re: Pitch shifting

I use a program called "Transcribe!".  You can change the pitch, speed, select section for play back, enter notes, import, export... etc.  It isn't free however.




#3 2010-03-21 20:23:10

From: Kingston NY
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Re: Pitch shifting

Audacity, yes! And to add a little play to the work, instead of just transposing and other dull effects like reverd, try a little autotune-like program for free, and it's not even a trial version. It only works right with the new audacity beta.

This plug in is awesome.

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#4 2010-03-22 03:59:04

From: Leeds UK
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Re: Pitch shifting

Excellent, a new plugin toy to play with.
At last I can sound like a pop star!
Cheers, Charles.

I use Audacity alot!
Mainly pitch shifting: 1.8 reference track down a semi tone to play on a 1.9 or to shift Okuda up to play along on a 1.8 - that starts to sound pretty rough!
Zoom in on the display and it's easy to see where breaths are, then highlight and shift play to just loop through one phrase, if it's fast then you can also slow tempo, either the whole track or just your highlighted phrase then edit\undo to go on to the next.

All in all an excellent bit of FLOSS - can even strip the audio from those downloaded videos...

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