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Tube of delight!

#1 2010-06-28 17:49:52

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BBQ is back!

Thanks to all for your patience during the brief hiatus. An occasional break gives the administrators a breather from running the forum. Hopefully it gives us all a moment to reflect upon the community we've all created here.

Part of the administrative challenge of the forum is toeing the line between freedom of speech and forum control. For the most part we've been lenient since the majority of members contribute with intelligent posts. Unfortunately, the nature of the internet is that it doesn't take much to disrupt a community. Therefore, we must occasionally take action.

Here are a  few things we can all do to keep the BBQ a positive experience:

*  Periodically re-read the rules of the forum. They are updated from time to time. Any post which breaks the rules will be deleted.
*  Avoid the temptation to use the forum as a personal blog.
*  Respect the bandwidth. Be clear, concise and on topic.
*  Avoid posturing and grandstanding. 
*  Do not argue an administrative decision publicly. This is akin to complaining about the meal your host is serving you.
*  Moderators: If you are a moderator this is because you are a shakuhachi professional. This means you are expected to make constructive contributions to the forum. Moderators who intentionally disrupt the forum will be downgraded to member status or banned. Vigorous debate is encouraged but flaming and trolling are not allowed.
*  Always remember that the forum is a social gathering. Treat others with the same politeness and respect you would as a guest at a backyard barbecue. Would you really say that to the face of a fellow guest or host?

The goal of the BBQ is to provide a friendly gathering place for the exchange of shakuhachi ideas and to build an informative archive to further the appreciation of the shakuhachi. 

Thanks for your contributions and welcome back to the BBQ!




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