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#1 2010-09-26 15:17:34

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Minimal utaguchi width and depth

What is the minimal utaguchi width and depth?

My PVC shakuhachi plays well but I'd like to make something of bamboo just for fun of creating and working with natural material (besides cut bamboo has awesome smell of burnt wood).

I know everyone trying to use undersize bored bamboo are adviced to use plastic, but plastic is boring while bamboo is awesome.

The piece I want to use is 2 cm thick in total at thinnest point and something over 1 cm bore diameter.
I know that won't make a good shaku.
But at least I want to know will it be playable (first ever sound I made on shaku-like thing was made with scrap bamboo whistle with less than 1cm wide utaguchi).

According to Fujiwara Dozan:

Someone who is rather small or has a small breathing capacity should pick a slim bamboo

2cm for sure makes a slim bamboo but is 2cm enough to make a slim shakuhachi?

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#2 2010-09-26 22:32:57

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Re: Minimal utaguchi width and depth

With a one cm bore it will probably play, but it won't be a shakuhachi, and you will undoubtedly have trouble with the lower notes if you try to make it longer than about a 1.2.




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