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#1 2010-10-24 17:15:33

David Earl
From: SE Iowa
Registered: 2006-05-29
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Cornelius Boots MUKYOKU training and performance repertoire

Hi all,
I received my print copy of Mukyoku instructional materials levels 1,2 and 3. Cornelius Boots has done a fine job in creating a training and performance repertoire for the Taimu. While the Mukyoku material will apply to Shakuhachi in general the effort and excellence Cornelius Boots has put into creating a repertoire and training manual for Taimu will surely go a long way in introducing and establishing the Taimu as a classic instrument. Ken LaCosse Mujitsu Shakuhachi and Taimu  and Brian Tairaku Ritchie have really been honored by the efforts of Cornelius Boots. My experience is very limited but from what little I have and from my instinct I would think players attracted to the big bore jinashi sound will love these materials.
Each of the 3 levels in the Deluxe printed edition come with  scores, instructional and educational materials printed on card stock plus a CD Rom with the material in PDF format, instructional video, performance video, audio of the Mukyoku pieces and more. You can purchase just the CD rom version of these materials as well.
After reading and watching the level one material my playing has improved. The presentation Cornelius Boots has put together is clear, direct and easy for me to assimilate.
Thanks to Ken LaCosse for introducing, through the BBQ, me to Cornelius Boots. Cornelius Boots is a talented and gifted musician and composer I am very inspired by his work for Taimu. He is a talented shakuhachi and taimu player and a wonderful guy to deal with.

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