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Tube of delight!

#26 2010-11-17 19:42:13

From: Salt Lake City
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Re: Riley Lee in Hospital

This just in:

Update from Riley NOV 17:

"My fourth operation is scheduled for tomorrow. Nasty abrasion burn on left calf will finally get skin graft. Broken left arm just below shoulder already has metal plate and is healing well.

Busted knee may have initial operation tomorrow too, but only to reattach hamstring tendons. Maybe another week or so in hospital after that; it will be a month or so since the accident. I will be in wheelchair for a month or so after leaving hospital.

Then a couple of months on crutches. Then back in hospital for major knee reconstruction. I've been told I'll be doing rehab for about two years.

With luck, I might be able to run the Sydney Marathon again in 2013!


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#27 2010-12-01 17:41:00

Moran from Planet X
From: Here to There
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Re: Riley Lee in Hospital

Any news on Riley?

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#28 2010-12-01 19:04:45

Tairaku 太楽
From: Tasmania
Registered: 2005-10-07
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Re: Riley Lee in Hospital

I heard from him a few days ago. He said he has had 5 operations so far. Will be in a wheelchair for a few weeks, then crutches. Hopefully able to walk in Feb. and then rehab. Eventually back to running marathons in about 2 years. He did not mention how this affects the shakuhachi. Luckily he was already fit so recovery should be smoother than it might be for some of us. He seems to be facing it in a matter of fact way.

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#29 2010-12-09 10:49:45

From: Japan
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Re: Riley Lee in Hospital

Hoping for your fast recovery Riley Lee!

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