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Tube of delight!

#1 2010-12-23 09:39:29

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Redeem Points for free Shakuhachi music!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!  Everyone!!       Some of us are temporarily unemployed right now, so with idle time on my hands, I decided to investigate the Rewards section of my Chase Debit Card that give you points to purchase items that you accumulate as you use the card on a daily basis.   Initially, I had hoped to purchase the 4-Disc set of Spartacus: Blood and Sand which needed 6000 points to get it for free including free shipping.      I had 5,965 points in store, so when I reviewed the item, to my dismay, it had sold out already.    Then I thought, why buy a DVD that I would only watch once a year for maybe five years when I could buy some music that I would listen to forever?       Typed in shakuhachi, under the category World Music,  and believe it or not, ten quality CD's showed up, all but one necessities for the serious shakuhachi student or enthusiast.      To my surprise, one was quite rare, Five Pieces for Shakuhachi Chikurai, by Moroi,   not the more common easily found one by Kifu Mitsuhashi.    I had found this recording years ago on LP, so I was happy to purchase it for 2, 200 points..           It may have been the last one, so prepare to be disappointed if it is not listed anymore.   Then I purchased Tegoto Koto Music,  another favored instrument for everyday listening, approx. 2,200 points.          I also typed in Japanese music, and many selections were available in Noh, Kabuki, flute,  Koto, and various others.   All in all, pleasantly surprised and quite impressed.   If you are already a member of this program, why not make the most of it?    Their offerings in everyday merchandise may be cheaper bought directly with cash online, so know your prices!     Merry Christmas!!      and Don't forget to practice everyday, drunk or not!       And let me not forget to Thank  radiOgnome for the recommendation of Sukiyaki and Chips with the Watazumido performance and interview on DVD.     I bought it on Amazon after reading his post, and on the same day it was shipped to my home I find it offered on the Chase Rewards website under Japanese music.   Damn you! smile

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