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#1 2011-02-10 17:13:45

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9 Hole Shakuhachi

Hi, folks,

This is kind of a multiquestion question within a question type of question. Any answers are cool:

I'm wondering if anyone has a full chromatic 9 hole shakuhachi fingering chart. I'm making an 8 hole Chinese Xiao type pvc instrument with 8 holes and a shakuhachi mouthpiece. Hopefully, the fundamental (Ro) note will be A. Basically, I'm wondering what the 9 hole options are without having to half hole, quarter hole and three quarter hole very often. Cross holing and skipped holing is preferred as much as possible.

As for hole placement, I just need to know the notes because there's already a hole placement resource for chromatic flutes at the link below. For an "A" or "B" (2.1) instrument, it probably just requires moving all the hole estimates an inch or so toward the mouthpiece for smaller holes. It also looks like the open mouthpiece changes things, too. A transverse B flute is 24" from blowhole to foot and my 2.1 shakuhachi with 1" inner diameter is about 25.5 inches.

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