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#1 2014-01-23 15:24:06

Moran from Planet X
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tradition versus player comfort

Several times I've shown Bill Shozan Schultz a traditional Japanese shakuhachi that were oval shaped along the Y-axis (the vertical axis) because the root bent upwards. I find flutes like this very difficult to hold, impossible for long periods of time. Bill said that the flutes should have been built on the the flattest side and the direction of the root direction (left or right) should be ignored. I was pretty shocked. Bill is steeped in traditional Japanese culture, an ethnomusicologist who has lectured at UCLA, a Tozan Dia-Shihan, A Meian (Moyan) Shihan, etc. But this keeper of the temple flame who compromises very little wasn't kidding.

I saw this eBay auction of one of Perry Yungs flutes, likely an older Perry Yung hocciku: … 20de615b57
2.4 Chikusen shakuhachi by aaponivi, on Flickr

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#2 2014-01-24 12:56:00

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Re: tradition versus player comfort

Good to know that I'm on the same page with Bill!
I think I'll go bid on that flute smile

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