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#1 2006-07-02 00:04:05

Derek Van Choice
From: Lake San Marcos, CA
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Solo Shakuachi & Sankyoku Music Needed for Shiatsu Video (ASAP!)

Greetings, all!

I am presently seeking some solo koto and/or shakuhachi music for a Shiatsu massage instructional video we filmed in May, for a local instructor.  The show is running about an hour longer than planned (presently 2.5hrs), and I am in need of bit more BG music.  Currently, I am using several sources: A new CD by Jeff Cairns/Izumi Fujikawa, portions of a CD by Reiko Obata, and I will also be playing/recording 1 or 2 chokan pieces myself.  I would like to stick with a predominantly traditional Japanese feel/instrumentation, though if you have a piece(s) bordering that, with originality, I would love to listen to them, as well.

The DVD video is planned for distribution online (Amazon, etc.), as well as locally, through colleges and several instructional schools.  There was to be 2 DVD's in all, one at an hour and a half, and the other a 15 or 20 minute meridian stretching video, though we have now combined those in editing. 

As this is a limited budget venture, I cannot offer any monetary or residual compensation for the use of the music, however you would be fully listed in the credits, with a website link, etc., along with the other artists contributing and/or recording (in the exact order the music is used in the show).  Despite the budget limits, so far, this is turning out to be a very artistic and visually stunning show, including the depth of the music... distribution and reference could be very good.  Songs are used in their entirety, wherever possible, but it is also likely that portions will be used, as certain segment lengths of the show dictate... that will be stated in the credits, as well, i.e. "for creative purposes, some of the music used within this program may have been edited to fit the bla bla bla), or whatever.

As a time frame, I am at the stage now where the remaining hour+ of music needs to go in, so I will be tracking some this weekend, and would like to have all of the music in the can by next weekend.

If you would like any more information I would be happy to help in any way I can.  I can be reached at 760.929.1240 or cel 760.613.2063, or by email - .

Songs need to be well recorded, @ either 44.1 or 48K, though an mp3 @ 256 might be okay, as well.  If you have online samples, or can email a link to some, that would be superb.  I will happily listing to everything, though I do have to follow the "feel" of the show... if you submit something, and I don't end up using it, please understand it is nothing personal--just a vibe thing smile.

Very gracious thanks for any help you can provide!

In gassho,



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