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#1 2015-05-01 10:18:09

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hello from sunny sheffield

hello all,

i am a new member in this forum and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

i am a self-taught musician and play improvisation, electroacoustic and new musics with saxophone and laptop.
i have been learning shakuhachi independently (and very slowly...) with a 1.8 student and a 1.95 root shakuhachi.

i take inspiration from nature and meditation. most of my EA work revolves around 5 elements and resonance. so when i came across the shakuhachi a few years ago, the sound and approach really spoke to me. i am glad i finally found an instrument i could afford and that sounds reasonably good. i hope i keep making progress thanks to the useful info and tips available here. thank you for sharing your experiences and sounds.

you can hear some of my own work following the links below. it would be great to hear any kind of response, and hope you enjoy my sounds.



electroacoustic music:

sounding out:

audio, visual and text work:



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