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#1 2015-11-29 21:17:33

Kyu Dan Dai Shihan
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International Shakuhachi FestivaL Prague

Hello Everyone,

You may have heard that the World Shakuhachi Festival will not be taking place in Prague in 2016, instead a new festival The International Shakuhachi Festival Prague will be taking its place on those same dates (June 2-6, 2016). This will be the same type of festival as the World Festival but on a smaller scale.

Today I met with Marek Matvija, the coordinator of The International Shakuhachi Festival Prague. He told me that a full program of the festival will be out by the second half of January, 2016. Marek was excited to share with me that each day of the festival will have its own theme.

Overview of the Schedule:

June 2nd will be the Big Welcome Concert in the evening.

June 3rd (Day 1 of the festival) will focus the entire day on Honkyoku.

June 4th (Day 2 of the festival) will focus the entire day on Gaikyoku.

June 5th (Day 3 of the festival) will focus the entire day on 20th Century Music. There will be an orchestral performance of "November Steps" with Mitsuhashi Kifu (Shakuhachi) and Shuto Kimiko (Biwa) as part of an evening concert of stellar 20th Century compositions.

June 6th (Day 4 of the festival) will focus the entire day on new music and is being called "A Glance Forward". Larger ensemble pieces will be performed on that day. A farewell party will be held at day's end.

Additional highlights of The International Shakuhachi Festival Prague:

1There will be famous Shakuhachi performers and teachers.

2.There will be the opportunity to study in a small class setting or on a one-to-one basis with these Sensei.

3.There will be a performance by Topos Kolektiv who will do site-specific improvised music with Shakuhachi.

4.There will be a concert by KiSuiAn Shakuhachi Dojo - the world's largest and most active Dojo outside of Japan.

5.There will be a concert of new compositions for Shakuhachi and western instruments by young Czech composers. This will include 3 pieces already composed as well as new pieces.

This is just a sampling of what will take place at the festival. When the full program comes out in January I will be sure to email it to all of you. I am leading a tour to Europe for 17 days to nine cities in three countries and will include the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague. Please contact me for the daily itinerary and tour expenses. For more information contact me at<>, or phone: 917-207-6724.

Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin


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