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Russian shakuhachi festival 2018

Shakuhachi Taikai 2018 / Moscow, Russia, December 2018

When preparing this text I thought about Russia’s place in international Shakuhachi context. What it is specifically and how we can assess it? For example, annual European Shakuhachi School usually counts no more than 1-3 participants from Russia.
Meanwhile there is local Shakuhachi life in Russia. There are players, composers, flute makers. There are events like more or less regular concerts and meetings.
This report is about third festival “Shakuhachi Taikai 2018” that took place in Moscow in December. “House of white crane”, the club nurturing and preserving Japanese and Chinese tea traditions, hosted the festival again like the previous time in 2017 and provided the event with excellent tea.
The festival lasted one day and embraced master classes, concerts and lecture.
Andrew Jilin presented first master class for beginner players. Andrew provided the participants by plastic 1.8 flutes that were made using 3d-printer. This is the good option to start getting the sound, to try basic movements.
Dmitry Kalinin presented second master class dedicated to the piece from Koku Nishimura repertoire named Kuon. For this master class we used mostly bigger flutes like 2.4 and 2.6. For sure many of us will add this piece to our practice because of its depth and beauty.
Tatiana Rechnaya presented third master class dedicated to the Min’yo piece named Komoro Mago Uta. Tatiana fell in love with Min’yo this summer in London during World Shakuhachi Festival and now she shares it with fellow players.
Bambooway presented something like lecture, free monologue about his vision of Shakuhachi development in Russia, how it started and changed with time, how it intertwines with another styles and genres.
The concerts filled the time between master classes and lecture. Almost all attendants participated and presented different schools, to name just a few for example:
Dmitry Kalinin and Tatiana Rechnaya with the duet of Fukuda Rando,
Nikita Chasovnikov with Tozan piece named Kogarashi,
Bambooway with Ajikan,
Galina Sgonnik with two Zensabo pieces (Yamato Choshi and Shingetsu),
Dmitry Kalinin with Shika no Tone,
Nikita Chasovnikov with “Cold wind” Kogarashi from Tozan,
Oleg Kuryshev with “Opening gates” Monbiraki.
The festival turned to be friendly and interesting event that gathered about 30 dedicated participants. Hopefully we will carry on the tradition with Shakuhachi Taikai 2019!
Returning to the topic of Russia’s place in the Shakuhachi universe, I remembered one thing. The flutes of Russian flute maker Bambooway found their owners in different countries located in different parts of the world – USA, England, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan.
So, count us in!

Galina Sgonnik, Moscow, January 2019 - my oficial website - Shakuhachi in Russia



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