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#1 2007-11-28 14:03:44

Jim Thompson
From: Santa Monica, California
Registered: 2007-11-28
Posts: 421

Shakuhachi teacher in Los Angeles

Jim Thompson - 14 year student of Masakazu Yoshizawa- Now eccepting students at all levels. Studio in Santa Monica.  310-581-1916.

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#2 2007-12-01 22:15:06

Moran from Planet X
From: Here to There
Registered: 2005-10-11
Posts: 1524

Re: Shakuhachi teacher in Los Angeles

I had by first lesson with Jim as my teacher and it was a very fine, rich learning experience.

As with Yoshizawa-sensei, Jim has an eagle-eye and eagle-ear (--wait, can you say 'eagle-ear'?) for detail, pitch and timing. Got me right back to basics. And his explanations and examples of the vital nuances of shakuhachi playing were clear and patiently expressed.  Really good to be taking lessons again! Thanks Jim and thanks fellow-student Eric for turning me on to him. --cm

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#3 2007-12-02 01:48:03

From: Los Angeles
Registered: 2007-11-16
Posts: 215

Re: Shakuhachi teacher in Los Angeles

I'm glad to hear you liked Jim, Chris!  I thought he was good as well, but it's reassuring that a more advanced student feels the same way.

...maybe "owl-ear"?  They hear pretty darn well.



#4 2007-12-02 02:46:20

Tairaku 太楽
From: Tasmania
Registered: 2005-10-07
Posts: 3226

Re: Shakuhachi teacher in Los Angeles

Welcome to the forum Jim!

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