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#1 2006-03-01 04:07:48

Tairaku 太楽
From: Tasmania
Registered: 2005-10-07
Posts: 3226

Real names and locations


Now that we have so many new members it is time to reiterate that it is helpful to have in your profile your real name and location so that people know who is writing and from where. Of course you can have any user name you wish.

There have been numerous posts with people saying things like, "There is no teacher near me" or "I wish I could try some shakuhachi but nobody has one around here" where the poster does not specify their location. If the other forum members know where you are it improves the quality of discourse.

So if you like could you please click on the "essentials" and "personality" sections of your profile and update this information. This stuff is not mandatory but sometimes it is useful.

'Progress means simplifying, not complicating' : Bruno Munari



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