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#1 2006-03-03 17:44:11

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2005-10-27
Posts: 364

Playing while walking: any tips, suggestions?

Did Komuso really play all that much while walking? I've found it quite difficult to play anything but lighter, jauntier melodies while walking, so I'm wondering about this.

I always assumed they stood still while playing...what's more accurate here?

How many people have experience in doing this sucessfully?


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#2 2006-03-03 17:56:23

Tairaku 太楽
From: Tasmania
Registered: 2005-10-07
Posts: 3226

Re: Playing while walking: any tips, suggestions?

Sure you can do it. Walk and play slowly and deliberately. Try to match the phrasing with your walking.

In NYC sometimes we would participate in protests and marches while playing and walking.

Not shakuhachi related, but jazz great Steve Lacy recommended to practice scales and intervals that way, one step, one note. I do it frequently, in the park or on the beach.

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#3 2006-03-05 21:35:30

Daniel Ryudo
Shihan/Kinko Ryu
From: Kochi, Japan
Registered: 2006-02-12
Posts: 355

Re: Playing while walking: any tips, suggestions?

I second Tairaku's opinion of walking at a stately pace; I've played while walking now and again with shakuhachi, though I haven't done it that frequently -- that's a good suggestion! must work on that.  I used to play French horn in a marching band in high school, played Peruvian flute in a chindonya band a few times, and played horagai in several shrine processions where we walked for several kilometers so shakuhachi shouldn't be that different.  When komuso met each other on the road it is said that they played certain pieces or calls and respones to confirm that they were bona fide komuso; perhaps at that time they could have been walking while playing.


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