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Tube of delight!

#1 2006-09-18 12:31:19

From: San Francisco
Registered: 2005-10-05
Posts: 885

USA East Coast Performers

If you are a performer in the USA East Coast please post here.

Please cut and paste the following into your post:










#2 2006-09-19 00:20:37

Kyu Dan Dai Shihan
From: NYC
Registered: 2005-10-10
Posts: 259

Re: USA East Coast Performers

LOCATION: East Coast. My main DOJO is in NYC, but I have branches in Philadelphia, Rochester/Syracuse, and Baltimore/Wash.D.C. I also have 80 students altogether including cassette & "Computer" students in 26 states and 6 foreign countries.

NAME: Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin

TRAVEL RADIUS: Anywhere is possible. I have performed professionally in most of the USA, as well as Argentina, Scotland, Canada, Chile, Mexico, and have done annual Concert Tours of Japan since 1980.

AVAILABLE FOR: Any type of Shakuhachi Performance, although I specialize in Solo performances. I can supply more then one Shakuhachi player, as well as Koto and Shamisen players, Taiko Drummers, Kabuki Dancers, etc.

PAY RANGE: Depends upon nature of job.

DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS: I hold two DAI SHIHAN MENJO(Grand master's Licenses) , the latest at the rank of Kyu-Dan (9th level) from the Shakuhachi Living National Treasure - Aoki Reibo. My original DAI SHIHAN MENJO was from my teacher Kurahashi Yodo in 1980. I have been Grammy and Oscar nominated. I teach and perofrm 3 styles of Shakuhachi- KINKO, FUKE-MEIAN, and NEZA-SA-HA.

I have been Artist in Residence at two Universities, and have taught and done demonstartions at Elementary , middle schools, and High Schools , as well. I have performed on many movie sound tracks, with Symphonic orchestras, and will perform this November at Lincoln Center in a Japanese OPERA "Kurofune (Black Ships).

My website is <>
Please contact at <>
...or call me at 917-207-6724

Thank you.

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#3 2006-09-19 17:22:16

From: Portland, ME
Registered: 2005-10-09
Posts: 613

Re: USA East Coast Performers

LOCATION: Portland, ME

NAME: Phil Nyokai James


AVAILABLE FOR: concerts, lectures, lecture/demos, events, collaboration with dancers and other performers

PAY RANGE: varies

DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS: Traditional honkyoku (Meian and Kinko), sankyoku, modern. Trained in western music, especially classical and jazz, so can improvise in many styles. See



#4 2006-11-25 11:13:03

Performer & Teacher
From: Boston MA
Registered: 2005-12-21
Posts: 830

Re: USA East Coast Performers


NAME: Geni

TRAVEL RADIUS: everywhere 

AVAILABLE FOR: Recordings , Performances , Lessons

PAY RANGE: affortable

DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS: Jazz , Clasical , Ambience. World
I have acces to recording studios , so I am able to do online jobs (recordings).
You send me the tracs , I will recorded and send it to you right away.



#5 2007-05-22 22:09:03

Registered: 2006-02-12
Posts: 12

Re: USA East Coast Performers

LOCATION: New York City

NAME:Dominic Shodo Cammarota

TRAVEL RADIUS: North America

AVAILABLE FOR: All Occasions


DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS: I play traditional Tozan style music as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. I also play enka and minyo songs as requested.  I will also be one of the featured performers in the upcoming documentary about New York City Buskers http:// 

Please see my website for additional information.



#6 2008-02-28 20:46:07

From: Boston (Quincy), Mass. U.S.A
Registered: 2008-01-31
Posts: 5

Re: USA East Coast Performers

LOCATION: Boston, Mass.  (I live in Quincy)

NAME: Kraig

TRAVEL RADIUS: Anywhere (no car though!)

AVAILABLE FOR:  I am not a very good Shakuhachi player but I do play Drums and Percussion

PAY RANGE: Enough to to make two days worth of soup.

DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS: Studied Tabla in India, Drum kit in Boston and New York.  Played in folk, reggae, rock, jazz, wold music groups in the past.  Studied shakuhachi in Ehime, Japan from a local vegtable seller/ it o.k to post?!


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#7 2008-03-04 09:38:59

Glenn Swann
From: Central New Jersey
Registered: 2008-03-01
Posts: 151

Re: USA East Coast Performers

LOCATION:Princeton area, New Jersey

NAME:Glenn Swann

TRAVEL RADIUS:NJ, PA, NY or i could use a good excuse to go to CA!

AVAILABLE FOR:Performance, workshops, events, ceremonies, recording, etc.

PAY RANGE:Quite flexible.

DESCRIPTION, STYLE, OTHER DETAILS:Kinko school Chikuyusha style, classical sankyoku, honkyoku, also collaboration with other instruments in early 20th century as well as more modern pieces. I have a koto player, pianist, soprano, percussionist, and other shakuhachi players I often work with for ensemble if need be.

Have performed often over the years around Princeton, and also in Manhattan. Some highlights include the Coalition For Peace Action's Nagasaki/Hiroshima Memorial (5 years running);  Yearly Lunar New Year and MidAutumn Festival recitals at Holsome Tea in Princeton; the Rutgers Japanese club's Sakura Matsuri; doing a history/background lecture and performance for High School Japanese classes in Newark; providing music for Shumei New York events; and accompanying the NY Sawai Koto Academy at the Tokyo Fiesta in Grand Central Station.   (with the caveat that the recordings there are from 4 years ago and i  sound much different now. Have to make some new ones!!)

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