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#1 2009-01-26 10:52:20

From: Los Angeles
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Ataris on Honshirabe

While watching the estimable Dr. Riley Lee teach Honshirabe, I noticed that Re and Ro are re-articulated differently than I have learned--with hole 2 and 1 respectively.  I believe this is due to Watazumi's interpretation or lineage.  I have learned it, so far, with the standard ataris, and would like to know which is 'correct', or if both are, and this is one of those things that depends on whom you are studying with at the time.  Are there other lineage interpretations of these details that I should be aware of?



#2 2009-01-27 16:54:32

From: Portland, ME
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Re: Ataris on Honshirabe

This varies from school to school and piece to piece -- I don't look at it that there are "standard" ataris for re and ro. Best to follow what your teacher says on any particular piece. Within a given school or lineage, there are stereotypical techniques and melodic fragments that will USUALLY be played with the same ornamentation, but not always.



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