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Tube of delight!

#1 2009-03-26 17:32:02

Christopher B.
From: Berlin, Germany
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Music for Zen Meditation and other Joys 1964

Hi there,

as I unpack my stuff at my new home I had found this old vinyl. See the pics for more info.

Tony Scott - Clarinet
Shinici Yuize - Koto
Hozan Yamamoto - Shakuhachi

Recorded in Japan 1964





Every track are still wonderfull!!!

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In reality it is Ha,Ro,Ha,Ro... ~Sensei~
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#2 2009-03-27 02:39:03

From: Vancouver, Canada
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Re: Music for Zen Meditation and other Joys 1964

This is the album that made me a Shakuhachi player. I heard it for the first time in about 1979. I was playing electric guitar in a post modern avant-garde punk band called Broken Music in Washington DC, and doing every drug under the sun. Out of curiosity I picked this album in a second hand store... took it home... when it started spinning on my turntable the whole space transformed and I didn't move a muscle until it was over. Next day I called the Japanese Consulate to ask what the heck a Shakuhachi was and where I could get one. They very kindly referred me to a store in West Virginia that sold them. I bought an $80 flute to get going and ordered one from Tom Deaver. They also referred me to a teacher that lived in Maryland, and I sure wish I remembered his name... he was great. A year later or so I sold all my gear, broke up with my then wife, and moved to a community in the mountains to blow and meditate... Eventually I ended up in Japan for three years. It's been a wonderful and deep journey of over twenty years.. thanks to that album... I still love it! (by the way, while I ended selling the Tom Deaver to upgrade, many years later, I still own and play the original $80 flute quite often :-)

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