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Tube of delight!

#1 2006-06-05 11:24:44

Derek Van Choice
From: Lake San Marcos, CA
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New CD by Jeff Cairns


I wanted to FWD this post for Jeff, from the other list - (I don't think he knows about this forum, yet):



(It's a great CD!)


Greetings All,

Jeff Cairns here.  I'm sending this message to announce the release of my new CD "Silent Letters, Secret Pens."  Joined by 21 string koto master Izumi Fujikawa of ORA-J (a chamber ensemble of Japanese instrumentalists founded by Miki Minoru) and Recorded on the concert stage of Mashiki Bunka Hall in Kumamoto, Japan, "Silent Letters, Secret Pens" offers 6 pieces of traditional and modern origin for shakuhachi and koto.

Song List:

1) Shinonome No Uta (Song-Poem of the Eastern Clouds): Composed by Marty Regan for shakuhachi and 21 string koto -  1st commercial release
2) Through the Leaves: Composed by Jeff Cairns for shakuhachi, 21 string koto and 17 string koto - 1st commercial release
3) Midare: traditional, shakuhachi and 13 string koto
4) Shin Kyorei: traditional honkyoku
5) Reflection: Composed by Daniel Morse for solo 21 string koto- 1st commercial release
6) Kai: Composed by Saiko Nakamura for shakuhachi and 17 string koto -1st commercial release

For those interested in purchasing the CD or who wish to hear MP3 samples of each piece, please follow this link:

In deep gratitude for your support,

Jeff Cairns



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