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#1 2009-06-12 08:21:20

From: syracuse NY
Registered: 2008-02-11
Posts: 39

2 octaves at once

I've noticed lately I can play 2 notes at once. That is, which ever note and it's higher octave(or if im already in kan it plays the fifth as well as the note i was trying to play). I can't maintain it for too long(and keep it stable any way). Is this normal or a flaw in my flutes or what?


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#2 2009-06-12 09:14:10

From: Connecticut USA
Registered: 2009-01-13
Posts: 528

Re: 2 octaves at once

Isn't that a murakai? I can do that too. Also, not so long and it is hard to stabilize.

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#3 2009-06-12 11:12:37

Bruce Hunter
From: Apple Valley CA
Registered: 2005-10-10
Posts: 258

Re: 2 octaves at once


Here's a topic of Shakuhachi Forum speaking about multiphonics :


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#4 2009-06-27 03:57:24

Jason Castner
From: binghamton, ny
Registered: 2007-12-19
Posts: 80

Re: 2 octaves at once

hey, I can do that to.. its easier to do when the flute has had the piss and vinegar so to speak sanded out of it.  Looks beautiful sanded also but you better bind it well before playing it as it will c c c kkk c ckk ckkckckckck crack easier.  So dont do it to your expensive flute

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