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#26 2009-07-21 01:45:14

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Re: Furuya's score for Ajikan?

Chris Moran wrote:

... It ... was ... was ... h ... ....


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#27 2009-07-21 23:00:09

Dai Shihan/Dokyoku
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Re: Furuya's score for Ajikan?

I have to tell you that I have been approached by the Dokyoku Polizei an offered a job as a SHAKUHACHI BOUNTY HUNTER. This is to give those of you who need it-and you know who you are- the chance to.... RUN...SUCKERS.  I will contemplate this offer through the weekend, since it's my wedding weekend and I'm still a SHAKUHACHI BOOTY HUNTER till sunday, then I will decide on this offer. Consider yourselves "WARNED".

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#28 2009-07-27 09:07:08

From: Salt Lake City
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Re: Furuya's score for Ajikan?

This just in from Herr Doktor Professor Riley Lee (not to be confounded with the Dokyoku Polizei), in regard to the mystery of the transcription of a Chikuho Ajikan into Furuya's New Kinko hand (emphasis mine...):

"There's no mystery here.

The score in question is one of a number of scores created for shakuhachi festivals or camps in Australia, Colorado and Hawaii. They were created for those shakuhachi players attending these intensive workshops who could not overcome their unfortunate and highly irrational resistance to learning Chikuho notation. The scores assisted these disadvantaged people in learning honkyoku that are found only in the Chikuho repertoire or unique Chikuho versions of honkyoku shared by other lineages. The Ajikan in question is of the latter type.

Firstly, I wrote out rough drafts of the Chikuho pieces in Kinko notation. I then sent my unattractive and at times inaccurate scores to Furuya san, together with recording of the pieces. Furuya then wrote out the final scores in his beautiful and highly legible calligraphy. Furuya san also transcribed some of the pieces, including Ajikan, into Tozan notation.

In the case of Ajikan, Furuya san attended some of the workshops in which I used his notation to teach the piece. He later told me that he could have done a better job if I had taught him the piece ahead of time. This of course, goes without saying, but unfortunately, that had been impossible. Though the method used in creating these scores was compromised by constraining circumstances, the resultant quality and level of accuracy is certainly acceptable, especially when compared with other honkyoku notation.


So that answers your question. Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for my own question, in another section, to be addressed......

Cheers, Riley"

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#29 2009-08-18 15:29:47

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Re: Furuya's score for Ajikan?

the file of the piece is no longer here, may someone post it again please?

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