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Tube of delight!

#1 2006-08-08 10:40:57

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Must... Find... CD...

So... I'm looking for Umeko Ando's CD "Ihunke" - so far this is the only lead and it it defunct:

"It's not Ikue Asazaki. It's Umeko Ando. The album is called IHUNKE and it's available from Chikar Studios ( I think it's the first song, 01.ペカンベ ウク (PEKAMBE UK).

Okuru's instrumentals are also from an album released by Chikar Studios, KAMUY KOR NUPURPE. The artist, Oki, appears on the front with the instrument Okuru plays. The songs used are 10, "Susuriaka (Willow Bridge)" and 13, "Uchaore (Communication)."

This information is from the Chikar Studios site and the 9.15.04 entry in the news index of the official Champloo site (

Chikar Studios English site"

Well Chikar studios appears to be no more, or their website is dead...  does anybody know anything about this, I believe she sings in Ainu style, it's really beautiful... and haunting...


In La'kech



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