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#101 2010-03-14 21:01:15

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Re: Okuda Box Set Update

Well, I think there is a paradox here. If Okuda-san is given a small digital recorder, chances are high that he would record sometime around....never! He doesn't put a lot of emphasis on recording. Quite the opposite. The recordings are for us, not him. He can create, mutate and recreate that stuff any time he wants for himself. In terms of recording, he needs to be encouraged to record, have the arrangements made with people that he feels very comfortable with and trusts (which I think means that there is an understanding of the subtle nature of what he does) and then, once the space is set, left to do what he does. The context is important though. And a portable recorder is not going to yield the fidelity that we want. Might as well just record people's lessons. Why settle? Why not have both; great sounding recording and great playing? We've done it twice ( yours truly, Henry and Kiku.) The first recording, a year before Bamboo Zen never came out (for a variety of reasons), but check out Bamboo Zen. Es bueno. And I have a very strong feeling, if Bamboo Zen is well received, that he would be open to recording again. We could get another 7 - 10 pieces.

Now what I would like to see is a DVD of him playing; going through several of his key pieces and explaining both the technique and the philosophy behind them. THAT would be very cool! And doable.



#102 2010-03-15 09:50:29

From: Austin, Texas
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Re: Okuda Box Set Update

I am content to have both Sound of Zen and Bamboo Zen by Okuda to listen to and enjoy almost daily. He is a treasure. Given his penchant for never playing the same piece the same way twice, maybe a box set of his repertoire with notation is not a realistic goal. I would be content to just purchase his CDs if and when he decides to record and release them.  If no box set is recorded, as a contributor to the box set fund, I do not want a refund. I would rather have the money redirected to support Phil James.

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#103 2010-03-16 03:15:54

Kiku Day
Shakuhachi player, teacher and ethnomusicologist
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Re: Okuda Box Set Update

The box set does not necessary have to be recorded in a few days. I think it should be a project over a certain period of time. He is agreeing to it and likes to do it.
A lot of thinking is done to how to collect the money to do decent recordings and I speak with Okuda on phone, so he is very involved in it.
We will get there.

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