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#1 2009-12-29 16:30:28

Christopher B.
From: Berlin, Germany
Registered: 2009-03-17
Posts: 235

Students of Ikkei Hanada

Hi there,

just a questions are there any students of Ikkei Hanaha here on the forum? I am trying to contact him but haven´t any contact adress. It would be nice if someone can give me his mail adress or contact me.

Best wishes!


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#2 2010-03-16 18:47:13

From: Germany
Registered: 2009-05-09
Posts: 36

Re: Students of Ikkei Hanada

Hi Christopher,

I am a student of Ikkei Hanada and would like to help you to get in contact with him. He is not using e-mail at all. But you want to mail his assistance and first student Renkei at info ÄT ichionkai DOOOOT de

You also can meet him in Berlin this year. I know he is giving a concert there, but the date is not fixed. You can see the date once it is fixed at the ichionkai website:

At this site you are also able to get phone numbers to Renkei who can help you to get contact to Hanada Sensei.

If you have any question, please mail me directly or respond to this thread.


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