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#1 2011-01-15 08:31:58

Rick Riekert
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Takemitsu, John Cage, and "November Steps" … sicstudent

Mikiko Sakamoto's excellent 2010 paper "Takemitsu and The Influence of 'Cage Shock'" explains Takemitsu's interest in Japanese culture and music as the result of an encounter with American composer John Cage, whose own ideas about music were influenced by Japanese culture. Chapter 6 is devoted to a discussion of "November Steps".  Page 42 has a quotation from Takemitsu giving one example of the devotion and astounding ability of Yokoyama Katsuya.

Mastery does not lay in the mastery of technique, but in penetrating the heart of the music. However, he who has not mastered the technique will not penetrate the heart of the music.
~ Hisamatsu Fy


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