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Shakuhachi Lessons in Chicago ard Area: Jia Senghe

I have been making and playing Shakuhachi since 1984. Before making and learning to play Shakuhachi I played and made side blown flutes out of bamboo until one day I heard the music of Masyuki Koga, A Distant Cry of Deer on cassette. After hearing this amazing sound I turned to shakuhachi and have made it my life long pursuit. In 1968 I began Zen meditation while in college which I learned from a book on Buddhist meditation from the school library; this has been in many respects the single most important activity in my entire life.
I see Shakuhachi as an extension of meditation (suizen) or literally 'blowing Zen'.
I feel that the shakuhachi and the sounds that emit from it are a divine gift given to humanity for the purpose of awakening and refining both mind and spirit.
When I work with students I look for ways to help them access their greatest potential as a player. Number one for me is breath control which I see as the foundation for all that follows. This is also true in everyday life. "control the breath, control the mind."
Since I do not read the music I rely primarily on 'mindful listening', imitation, imagination and improvising. I endeavor to show students how to create their own sound using these tools.
Feel free to contact me for lessons if you live in the Chicago area or if visiting we can schedule something while yu are here.
All the best in shakuhachi,

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