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#1 2016-10-01 04:55:48

From: Russia, Moscow
Registered: 2007-06-09
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New shakuhachi album is coming soon

Hello everybody!

This is Andrew Jilin from Moscow again.
I'm about to release my new shakuhachi album with classical guitar and string quartet.
I'll keep posting information about it here on the forum.
In the end there will be links for various websites to download the record

So for the first post here is the track list


1.    Eagle's Song - 鷲の歌 (written by Andrew Jilin, arranged by Roman Stanskov and Gregory Frus)
2.    The sorrow - 悲しみ (written and arranged by Roman stanskov)
3.    Suzuka - 鈴鹿 (written by Kaneyasu Todo)
4.    The moon over the ruined castle - 荒城の月 (written by Taki Rentaro arranged by Roman Stanskov and Gregory Frus)
5.    The saga of the Mekong river - メコン川の物語 (written by Andrew Jilin)
6.    Watershed - 流域 (written by Gregory Frus)
7.    Last Day of Summer - 夏の最後の日 (writen by Andrew Jilin, arranged by Roman Stanskov and Andrew Jilin)


Andrew Jilin traditional Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, composer, arranger
Roman Stanskov composer, arranger, mandolin
Gregory Frus classical guitar, arranger
Tatyana Vasilyeva flute and tin whistles
Evgeniya Pashegoreva, Natalya Vysokih - violin
Tatyana Laguta viola
Vsevolod Dolganov - cello - my oficial website - Shakuhachi in Russia



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