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Tube of delight!

#1 2023-02-17 10:10:41

From: L├╝beck, Germany
Registered: 2009-12-12
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Last Post here.... long ago

Hi People,

maybe there ist no live left here in this forum.... but maybe is. Only everybody is in silence... :-)

for 30 jears I love Shakuhachi muisk, sinds I heared a peace played by Hozan Yamamoto.

For a year I play myselfe now, every day.

The last month I had great luck, found a seller who offered verry good flutes from japan. I bought a 1.9 from Yozan and a 1,9 and 1,7 from Gyokusui 2. I will send you some pictures, when this site alowes it...

The two Shakuhachi Flutes from Gyokusui II are verry special with carvings. Never saw this before in 30 years. I know this is not normal in Shakuhachi culture where the simply natural look of the flutes is honored. But the carvings on this two flutes are such an amazing art, that I decided for this special shakuhachi. They are great instruments also.



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