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#1 2005-12-20 21:58:51

Moran from Planet X
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Myoan (Meian) recordings: Yoshimura Fuan

Hi folks, for those interested in obtaining authentic Myoan shakuhachi recordings by Yoshimura Fuan the 40th head of the Myoan Taizan-ha you may be interested to know that shakuhachi master Yoshio Kurahashi can sell them via PayPal (see his email to me below). Like other limited edition recordings these are expensive, but I believe they are professionally produced on top quality commercial grade Compact Discs (not the cheaper, glichier CD-R stock). Thank you, Tairaku, for the lead!

To learn more about Yoshimura Fuan: … oshin.html

Torsten Olafsson references him prominently here:

Nancy Beckman of Sebastopol, California studied with Yoshimura Fuan and his predecessor Fukumoto Kyoan. She recieved her license (menkyo kaiden) to teach shakuhachi from Meianji temple. (

Kurahashi-sensei sent me the following email:

Yoshio Kurahashi <>
Sent :     Monday, December 19, 2005 8:30 AM
To :     <>
Subject :     CD

Dear Chris Moran,

I am Yoshio Kurahashi, a shakuhachi master in Kyoto.
I was asked to contact to you by Tofuku-ji temple and Myoan-ji temple.

Myoan-ji said that it sells the set of CDs of Yoshimura Fuan.
One set includes three CDs.
The price of the set is 12,000 JP Yen.
The postage of the internatinal parcel is 3,000 JP Yen.
Totally 15,000 JP Yen. (If by PayPal the total is: 15,500 JP Yen.)

(It also said that it does not sell any recordings of Tanikita Muchiku.)

If you like to purchase the set of Yoshimura's CDs,
please send money to me.
And then I will mail them to you.


If you like PAYPAL, please send to the following address.
In this case, as the charge is necessary, please send 15,500 JP Yen.

If you like INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDER, please send 140 US Dollars
to the following address.
name : Yoshio Kurahashi
address : 1 Takada-cho, Karahashi, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8464, Japan
Please write down my name and address on each money order.

By the way,
I am going to visit the San Francisco area to teach shakuhachi from
Feb/28 to Mar/4.
If you are interested in my intensive classes, please contact to Phil
Gelb at <> for detailed information.


Yoshio Kurahashi

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