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Tube of delight!

#1 2005-10-17 08:47:37

From: Essen, Germany
Registered: 2005-10-17
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Hello everybody on the path of bamboo!

My name is Mike, I am 46 years old and living in Essen, Germany. 
When practicing Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong,  Zen and Reiki over the past years I always “used“ the kind of  music that supports the meditational aspects for clearing the mind and concentrating. So it became natural that I listened to the sounds of  Shakuhachi music very often but never really thought about learning to play a Shakuhachi by myself. One day, about half a year ago now my wife came home from shopping with a book she had bought for me. It had been a special offer and she thought that I could find it interesting. It was “Blowing Zen” by Ray Brooks. That was the day I got infected with the Shakuhachi virus!

After some months of wandering around on the internet, buying and testing more or less unsuitable instuments, learning without personal instruction and searching for a good teacher I am very happy now with my ZenOn maple shakuhachi and my master teacher Ronnie Nyogestu Reishin Seldin who is teaching me from NYC using the internet. I hope I will be able to learn a lot from him so I can make many steps on the path of bamboo.

I hope this forum will grow and become a great source of shakuhachi knowledge.

Looking forward to hearing, reading and learning from all of you!


I wish I would have found this instrument much earlier in my life. But I didn´t know that I was searching for it all those years.



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