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Tube of delight!

#1 2010-08-18 12:43:24

Veronique Piron
From: Bretagne, France
Registered: 2006-02-10
Posts: 13

New CD "NIPPONFLUTES", Véronique Piron

CD NIPPONFLUTES, Véronique PIRON, 2010, France
shakuhachi, flute
Invited musician: Kohei Nishikawa, nohkan and shinobue
Otachi-zake, Yachiyo-Jishi, Tsuru no Sugomori, Finis-Terrae, Shika no Tone,
SanʼAn, Trillium, SanʼYa-Sugagaki, Nagamochi-Uta

Dear all shakuhachi players,
Iʼm sending a post here to inform you about my CD being released this year:
a rather classical programm, as the first purpose is to promote the instrument
to the general public in an area where another tradition is deeply rooted
(next contribution will be more creative in a near future...)

The less common here consists of 3 duets arranged for shakuhachi and
nohkan/shinobue generously interprated by Kohei Nishikawa (yokobue soloist
of Pro-Nipponia Ensemble):
the classical honkyoku pieces “Shika no Tône” and “Sanya Sugagaki”,
and the jiuta/nagauta piece “Yachiyo-Jishi”.

The programm is completed with 2 modern pieces:
a nice little piece for flute of Elisabeth Brownʼs,
and a piece of mine for shakuhachi inspired by the traditions of my land (first
played at the WSF in Sydney in 2008).

You are welcome to visit the page about this recording and listen to the
samples online on my website where itʼs possible to get the Cd as well:
(presently under development, updates will be set up in September)

Hope youʼll find some interest in it!
Véronique Piron



#2 2010-08-20 17:28:54

Dun Romin
From: Holland
Registered: 2008-04-19
Posts: 136

Re: New CD "NIPPONFLUTES", Véronique Piron

The cd NIPPONFLTES will also be available at the European Shakuhachi Festival in Prague next week.

Tomorrow's wind only blows tomorrow. (Koji)



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