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#1 2011-02-06 13:27:08

From: Everett, Washington-USA
Registered: 2009-01-13
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Live microphone placement.

I have started playing shakuhachi (with bands), and I'd like to get some pointers on the best way to use a vocal mirophone. Are there techniques for optimum volume when using a vocal mike without too much noise from the airstream, or are there special mikes that you use for this?


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#2 2011-02-06 21:02:25

Jeff Cairns
teacher, performer,promoter of shakuhachi
From: Kumamoto, Japan
Registered: 2005-10-10
Posts: 517

Re: Live microphone placement.

If you go to this link  ) you'll find out some suggestions.  You might find though that micing technique is as important as the microphone itself.

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#3 2011-02-07 01:01:46

From: Aotearoa (NZ)
Registered: 2006-02-12
Posts: 574

Re: Live microphone placement.

To listen to Ian Anderson on his choice go here … erson.html

There is a stereo audio link.
He uses a Shure WL51 or a Countryman. Both clip-on wireless.


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#4 2011-02-07 12:54:05

Pol Huellou
Registered: 2010-02-16
Posts: 2

Re: Live microphone placement.

Few remarks from my own experience. Of course it is different if we are talking about live performance or recording situation. It is very difficult to find a good sound engineer. In about 40 years experience, I can think of 4 of them. Sometimes able to get a good 'live' sound and a good 'live' recording at the same time. About mikes and shakuhachi: I have seen one of these technicians mentioned above talking to me about frequency ranges (when I was talking 'colour' he would answer me talking about frequencies). I can only give testimony refering to time or patience, if you prefer, it takes time and hearing on behalf of the technician. The angle is important, not just the mike. I heard things that did work well like using two mikes: one directed in the direction of the mouth edge, a second one at the level of the bottom of the shakuhachi (tonic). Once I experience also a very good result by having my technician colleague directing the mike (panoramic) behind my head... One thing is sure, if you get a technician getting a rapid result, let say 'clean' result, by using a compressor, forget about it, straight away. Waste of time, desapointing result when you listen to the result later. The harmonics have disappeared. Ban on compressors ! 
There could be more comments, no doubt, but it is an interesting issue, specially for wandering artists like myself, who can find themselves in all sort of situations.
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#5 2011-02-07 13:07:53

Performer & Teacher
From: Boston MA
Registered: 2005-12-21
Posts: 830

Re: Live microphone placement.

my E6 earset (Hypercardoid-directional)is Awesome!! great sound. The sound inginiers love it too.



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